Professional services

Working together to support the vulnerable

The People’s Kitchen is a safe haven for the homeless and vulnerable of Newcastle. This is made possible by our incredible network of professional partners. Whilst providing food and clothing is what we are well-known for, a key part of our service is signposting professional partners who can help our Friends move towards independent living. Your partnership is vital in enabling us to operate an out of hours service, so that we are available to help during times when other services cannot. Our combined services are a lifeline for vulnerable and homeless people in Newcastle and we are extremely proud of the work we do together.

‘Your Future’ programme

A turning point for The People’s Kitchen was the establishment of the Your Future programme, which provides our Friends with a holistic package of support which addresses their more complex health and wellbeing needs. Launched in August 2012, the Your Future programme connects Friends with professional services in Newcastle, in order provide expert help with problems such as mental illness or addiction. If you would like to work with us to support our Friends as part of our Your Future programme, then please get in touch.

Our supporters

Our partner agencies include Newcastle City Council, Changing Lives, the NHS and Crisis Skyline. These organisations are highly supportive of our mission and delivery model, and we are regarded by them as an effective place to reach people who are not engaging with their services. This is because many of our Friends live chaotic lives that make it difficult for them to access these mainstream provisions and there are also those who feel more comfortable approaching The Kitchen for support. Our partners have told us that the ‘Your Futures’ programme has enabled them to engage with new service users and offer greater continuity of care to those already engaged.


Your professional service may be able to support The People’s Kitchen through sponsorship. You can get involved in our cause by sponsoring one of our vehicles or some of our many annual events. Alternatively, your team could hold an event or group activity of your own to raise awareness and funds for The People’s Kitchen. Any support from established professional services in Newcastle is gratefully welcomed, so please feel free to get in touch to discuss opportunities.


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