Schools, communities & religious groups

A staple in our support system

Schools, religious groups and community projects in the North East are amongst our biggest long-time supporters, and we could not be more grateful. 75% of our food for the year is donated thanks to the enormous efforts of these groups at Harvest Festival time. Our work would simply not be possible without your support. We have forged strong links with over 300 religious groups, schools and community-led organisations across the region, as Harvest Festival time is a critical for The People’s Kitchen. Thanks to your generosity, we are able to keep our warehouse stocked with the majority of the dried and non-perishable food needed to keep our cooks busy throughout the year.

Harvest festival time

Thanks to the generosity of schools, communities and religious groups during Harvest Festival time, our warehouse gets replenished with essential food items. Thanks to pupils, parents, teachers and members, our team can keep cooking hearty meals for our Friends throughout the year. If you would like to arrange a Harvest Festival collection, please get in touch and we can advise which supplies we are most in need of.

Inform and educate

The People’s Kitchen aims to educate the community on how and why we provide our services. We work closely with local schools and religious and community groups to give talks to their pupils and members. Our talks raise awareness of our cause and how the struggles of vulnerable people can place them in difficult situations. If you would like to arrange a talk, please get in touch and we would be happy to help.


Schools and religious groups are phenomenal at fundraising through sponsorship. Your group can get involved in our cause by sponsoring one of our vehicles or some of our many annual events. Alternatively, you could hold an event of your own to raise awareness and funds for The People’s Kitchen. Funds raised through group activities leave a lasting impression on children and members and widens our network of supporters tenfold.


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