Hosting the vaccine bus

Ensuring the vulnerable in our society are double-jabbed has been essential during the pandemic.

As such, we are delighted to have welcomed the vaccine bus to The People’s Kitchen to allow our Friends the chance to receive their first or second COVID-19 jab.

A host of our Friends have used the service before helping themselves to a post-jab cuppa and a chat.

One of our Friends, Stephen, said: “I only came down to get a food parcel but noticed the bus there. I enquired and they said they could do my second jab, so I’m really pleased.”

The vaccine bus’ Clinical Supervisor, Lisa, also told us: “We’re really trying to get out in hard-to-reach areas. We’ve come down to the People’s Kitchen, we’ve been to hostels, as well as areas of the Westgate Road. And it is for vulnerable people that are unlikely to come to our main centres.”

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