See our volunteer wordle

The People’s Kitchen would not be able to keep its doors open without the amazing work of our selfless volunteers.

Each person who offers to help out is unpaid and is giving up their own free time to support those most vulnerable in our community.

While The People’s Kitchen strives to ensure our Friends are content with the way we work, it is also important we check in with our volunteers to get their feedback on how we can improve and make their jobs easier.

We recently conducted an internal survey in which we asked our many volunteers how they felt about a range of topics – and the survey culminated with the question: “What does it feel like to Volunteer at the People’s Kitchen?”

The words Friendly, Rewarding, Fulfilling, Humbling, Eye-Opening and Fun were among the most common responses as you can see from our Wordle displayed here.

As always we would like to thank our incredible volunteers for their continued support with The People’s Kitchen.

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